Friday, 23 March 2012

The #VRWC Report, DHS ignores the Occupoopers and Obama loses Denmark to Genghis Khan

Barack Milhous Obama told DHS to keep hands off the Occupoopers, but then sics them and the IRS on the Tea Party. You only have Constitutional rights when you agree with the regime.

But maybe there's hope, because Obama's lost Denmark. Hey, it's a start.

Remember when John Kerry attempted to slander US troops by comparing them to Genghis Khan? Well it turns out that ole Genghis is actually a hero. To Climate Change. It goes like this — depopulation via genocide is exactly what Mother Gaia needed to get her groove back. The science is settled.

Then I think the term has lost all meaning — Barack Obama is a "fiscal conservative."

But it's not like past administrations haven't tried to fudge their deficit numbers too. For example, did you know that the War of 1812 was supposed to pay for itself?

Not that you'd know it from media accounts, but Obamacare was born two years ago today. It's also the anniversary of Patrick Henry's famous speech to the Virginia Convention. Somehow though, I don't think "Give me ObamaCare, or give me death!" has quite the same ring to it.

Your feel-good video of the day — military dad surprises his young sons, dressed as Captain America.

You know how I keep saying that all politics is local? Well here's another example. One of my #VRWC co-conspirators is working to get Brian Miller elected to the Texas House of Representatives. You can help.

And, blogger Trestin Meacham is running for the Utah State Senate.

We can preserve liberty one candidate at a time.

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