Monday 5 March 2012

The #VRWC Report: The Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

Who's ready for the Obama campaign's Texas Truth Team? It reminds me of the old Soviet joke, “There is no Pravda in Izvestiya and there is no Izvestiya in Pravda." Fortunately the good people of Texas have well calibrated BS detectors.

Remember when the government was subordinate to the people? Yeah, me neither. Case in point: Ask Union County, NJ for public records? That's a terrorism alert.

Will Rush Limbaugh call him a gun slut? Mr. President, Please Make The NRA Pay For My Contracaption!

A blogger friend almost got caught up in some MSM drive-by reporting. Shocker, isn't it, the media being unwilling to actually research a story before delivering their predetermined narrative tied up in a bow. All the spin that's fit to print!

In Australia, they're thinking of moving from Fair and Balanced to coercive regulation of blog content. Where of course an unaccountable government regulator would have final say over what you can, and can't publish, based on his definition of "fairness." We know what government mandated "fairness" looks like, and thanks but one New York Times in the world is quite enough.

When regular stupidity just won't do: Quote of the Day, Dr. Susannah Cornwall Edition. That there is some mind-numbing stupidity, wrapped up in a bow.

If there were bloggers at the War of 1812, they'd be blogging about this: A Case of Impressment. Sadly, the textbooks don't adequately depict the realities of the past, so we have to turn to first-person accounts that bring history to life.

I wonder what the historians of 2812 will say about today's bloggers.

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Steve Burri said...

Thanks for the link, Chris.

I'm still waiting for President Obama's call.

How long have you been posting here? All too often I don't look at posters' names.