Saturday 28 April 2012

American economic prosperity? Let's learn from American history!.......By Mike Haltman at The Political Commentator

American history: From economic hell as subjects of a monarchy to prosperity and economic freedom to now life under the control of a would-be socialist "king" and his Progressive minions!

Excerpt: "...Finding themselves in a hard place Americans found a way to prosper and grow like a young plant reaching for the sun.  Freed from the rigid restraints of the home country and then guaranteed freedom by the constitution and the limited government it provided America surged to the front ranks of nations..."

Guest Post: If I Wanted to Make America Prosperous Again

First, I would ask myself how did our ancestors build America from an agricultural colony on the edge of civilization into the number one manufacturing and commercial nation the world had ever known. 

Why reinvent the wheel if round ones still roll?

Read this guest article on where the American economy began, what it became and what the current President is trying to do to it at TPC here.

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