Monday 9 April 2012

As California goes................from Rico

It has been oft said that "as California goes, so goes the nation."

The Energy Secretary Chu under the person calling himself Obama [nee' Soetoro?] has been very open and vocal about $7-8 gasoline being a desireable pricing goal for this misAdministration (being full of eco-retards and eco-nazis as it is).

So, no surprise that the people of Catalina Island, CA have seen the price of gas there average $7 per gallon (moving between $7.03 and $7.10 in the past two weeks for Regular Unleaded).

It is NOT the idea of gasoline prices approaching European price levels that aggravates me, however.
- It is THIS.
-- In All of humankind's history, people existed to serve their Government (in whatever form it took). It was 'only' for a few hundred years that the novel concept of a Government that existed to serve the people has been seen. Berry & fwends want to revert back to the 'old' established order....that YOU work for them, and not them for you. Berry, Hillary, and fwends want to move from one system back to the other.

Sure, that'll work just swell, you Commie dumbasses!

Seem extreme? Look at the Chinese. They are the same on Taiwan (Formosa) and the mainland of China, yet the difference between them is enourmous.
- Last time I looked, Taiwan's per capita GDP was close to America's and China's was a paltry/slavish $5XX per year. The difference? The forms of Government, not the people....and the ideal of who exactly worked for whom. Same deal with North Korea vs. South Korea. Don't even get me started on Tibet...

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