Monday, 23 April 2012

BoMSing in a gale

Welcome to the April 23, 2012 edition of best of me symphony.

Carol Watson         presents 10 Educational TV Channels Kids Love posted at National Nannies, saying, "Parents can form a lot of concern about their kids watching too much television, and justifiably so when you see some of the shows that have made it on TV, but not all television shows are created equal. There are some good educational channels available for them to watch instead of the usual mindless cartoons."

Sara Dawkins presents 10 Ways Kids Show Love to Pets posted at, saying, "One of the most iconic images of childhood nostalgia is that of a child and their faithful pets. Whether the pets in their household are traditional, or are those of a more exotic variety, kids show their devotion to their animal friends in a variety of ways; here are ten of the most common."

Coleen Torres presents 10 Classic Ways News Anchors have Signed off the Air posted at, saying, "News celebrities always want to make their mark. They want to have their own way of doing things so that people will remember them over the next guy on another channel."

Laura Backes presents 7 Blogs for People That Love to Complain About Politics posted at DSL Service Providers, saying, "There’s an old rule of social etiquette that cautions, “Never discuss religion or politics”, and for good reason. The idea was to steer clear of any subject as polarizing and incendiary as these. Of course, that bit of advice is from a quainter time..........."

Debbie Denard presents 10 Tricks to Get Your Stoic Child to Smile posted at Nanny, saying, "Is it difficult to get your child to smile on cue? Do you have tons of pictures of your child frowning or just not smiling at the camera? Maybe you are just trying to cheer them up and there’s no camera involved."

Hannah Anderson presents 10 Ways for Mom to Determine Who Ate the Last Cookie posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, "Moms, have you got a cookie monster on the loose in your home? Do you often have to intercede, with little success, when snack foods strangely evaporate into thin air… with nary a witness in sight? Well, perhaps you haven’t tried some of the following techniques."

Lindsay Samuels presents 10 Pioneers of the Background Check Industry posted at Nanny Background Check, saying, "Though its recent popularity is greater than ever before, the background check industry has roots that extend farther back than one might think. Many developments came together to create the industry as we know it today."

Molly Frank presents 25 Exciting Stats on Green Job Growth posted at Online Degrees.

Tracy Miller presents Should I Get Pet Insurance?: 8 Things to Consider posted at Insurancequotes,org.

Martha Stewart presents 10 Ways the U.S. Is Still Ahead of China | OnlineMBA posted at

Sue Waters presents 9 Best Cars for First-Time Drivers posted at Car Insurance Blog News, Tips, and Quotes.

Holliday Vann presents Flowers in Paperweights of Glass posted at, saying, "A post comparing Whitney Houston and Britney Spears."

Theresa Torres presents 8 Things Women Wish Men Knew posted at The Confident Man Project, saying, "Guys, if you want to improve your relationship with a woman, be sure to take note of and always remember these 8 important things women wish you knew."

Theresa Torres presents The Seven Most Common Mom Guilt Scenarios | Yummy Mummy Club | posted at Yummy Mummy Club, saying, "Learning to live guilt-free as a mom and be a well-adjusted one can be a struggle for many of us. Here are some common scenarios where we feel guilty and tips on how to deal with them."

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