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Welcome to the April 5, 2012 edition of carnival of the vanities.

Tracy Miller presents 8 Great Ways to Make Your Fuel Go Further posted at Insurancequotes,org.

Trisha Torrey presents Top 10 Songs for Motorcycle Riders posted at

Martha Stewart presents 11 Compelling TED Talks on Money posted at

Maureen Denard presents 10 Things Dads Dream of Doing with Their Sons posted at Find A Nanny, saying, "All dads have things that they love to do, or dream about doing, with their sons. Even before a man ever becomes a father, he probably already envisions activities he looks forward to someday sharing with his boy."

Mary Edwards presents 10 Reasons a Man Should Lie to His Girlfriend posted at Best Dating Sites, saying, "Dishonesty isn’t an admirable trait, and the health of any relationship depends on honest and open communication. Trust is an essential factor as well, yet there are times when a little white lie here and there might be less damaging than telling your partner what you really think."

Roxanne Porter presents 10 Reasons Kids Might Be Afraid of Clowns posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, "For all the mirth and merriment they’re known to bring to children of all ages, not every kid loves clowns. In fact, some children are downright terrified of them. So why is it that some kids go ga-ga over Bozo, and some don’t? We’re here to tackle the big issues in life, so fear not."

Sandra McAubre presents 10 Most Realistic Movies About Parenting posted at Hire a Nanny, saying, "Of all the family-oriented entertainment there is to choose from, only a fraction of the movies about parenthood portray it realistically. Realistic portrayals give us a glimpse into our own lives, with characters that we recognize."

Sara Dawkins presents 10 Reasons No Child is Truly Ugly posted at, saying, "A neotenized appearance, or having childlike aesthetic qualities, inspires sympathy and protective urges in adult humans and other mammals, even when the neotenized specimen is an adult themselves."

Jill Thompson presents Public Policy Issues | How Does Rent To Own Work | Learn More About Rent to Own posted at How Does Rent To Own Work?.

Jill Thompson presents Rent to Own Basics posted at How Does Rent To Own Work?.

Tracy Miller presents 7 Products You Didn’t Know Were Made From Animals posted at Insurancequotes,org.

Jon Rhodes presents Napoleon Hill - The Secrets of How To Think Rich posted at HypnoBusters, saying, "This article is all about the great Napoleon Hill who studied more than 500 rich and successful people to see what made them tick."

Melanie Slaugh presents 10 Controversial Pinterest Pins to Avoid posted at Internet Service Providers, saying, "The rising popularity of Pinterest is sending users to the site in droves; however, this vast influx of visitors unfamiliar with the accepted etiquette can lead to established users becoming offended at the types of pins being pinned."

wizard presents Walk Without Apology | Optimum Awareness Leads to Optimum Control in Your Life posted at Wizard Corpse, saying, "What can you do to value yourself more? Walk this world without apology. You owe no one apology. You owe no one else but yourself. So you are looking for an ultimate attraction tool? Walk without apology. So you want to live a life of lasting happiness? Walk without apology."

Suzanne Cullen presents Au Pair » 10 Bad Eating Habits Parents Often Teach their Kids posted at aupair, saying, "Kids most often learn by example and I think we as parents tend to forget that fact as they get older. Once our kids are a little more self-reliant we usually go back to our habits as they were pre-children."

Lindsay Samuels presents 10 Red Flags on a Nanny’s Resume posted at Nanny Background Check, saying, "As soon as you post a listing on a nanny agency board or on a job board stating that you’re looking for a nanny you’re sure to get a slew of potential prospects vying to watch over your little one."

Maria Clark presents Phrases to Avoid When Negotiating With Lenders posted at Credit Cards for Bad Credit Resource.

Sonny Giffin presents 10 Misdemeanors that Shouldn’t Go On Your Record posted at Nanny Websites, saying, "When you’re a teenager those midnight climbs to the top of the water tower may seem like a really good idea when they’re first hatched up. And it probably will continue to seem like a good idea right up until you get caught and saddled with a malicious mischief conviction."

Tracy Wayne presents 10 Ways the Internet Has Been Used to Spread the News About Soccer Tragedies posted at Dial Up, saying, "When it comes to sports the news isn’t always solely focused on what happened during the game or what the latest score reflects. Sadly, the news too often deals with stories that transcend athletic pursuits and are often tragic in their nature. Soccer, more than any other sport, has seen its fair share of tragedies associated with the game."

Janet Golovine presents 10 Odd Ways We Show We Love Our Kids posted at Granny Nannies, saying, "Everyone has their own unique ways of showing their kids that they love them. After all, if everyone expressed their love in the exact same ways we might as well be robots."

Lindsay Samuels presents 10 Places We Shouldn’t Mention Our Kids’ Names posted at Nanny Background Check, saying, "Statistics show that every 40 seconds a child goes missing. Think about that. In the time that it takes you to read this article several children will have gone missing. Fortunately many of these children are found within hours."

Thought Pr0n presents The Guide To Mini-Enlightenments. | Thought Pr0n posted at Thought Pr0n | Thought Pr0n.

Ken Lange presents Content Curation: A Personal View posted at Kenneth Lange.

Liz presents You Can't Make This Stuff Up posted at Liz Andra Shaw, saying, "A humorous look at the life of an administrative assistant fighting the Office Supply Wars."

Coleen Torres presents 10 Reasons Employees Hate Their Corporate Website posted at, saying, "The last thing anyone wants to do on their day off is look at their corporate website, so when that happens it’s sure to elicit a groan. This guttural response is quite prevalent and shared by employees around the world."

Mary Edwards presents 10 Historic Times That Saw a Rise in Adultery and Why posted at Best Dating Sites, saying, "Finding accurate statistics on adultery rates is very difficult. The most accurate way to get data is through face to face interviews and most people are unwilling to disclose extramarital affairs when they know their identity will be known."

Tina Marconi presents 10 Ways to Keep Siblings Hugging not Hating | Babysitters posted at Babysitters, saying, "Sibling rivalry has been going on since the dawn of time; everyone knows the story of Cain and Able. That story didn’t end well, so parents do their best to discourage animosity among their children."

Maureen Denard presents 10 Reasons Parents Get Calls from School posted at Find A Nanny, saying, "There a lots of possible reasons for a phone call from your child’s school; some good, others not so much. You may have heard them all by now, but it’s always a bit unnerving just the same."

Debbie Denard presents 10 Lessons Parents Could Learn from Apes posted at Nanny, saying, "Few members of the animal kingdom fascinate humans like our fellow primates. For decades, scientists have experimented with sign language and other forms of communication in hopes of bridging the language gap between us and these incredible creatures."

Trisha Torrey presents 8 Must-Read Travel Books for Motorcyclists posted at

Asya Fredrich presents 8 Life Lessons Learned From Renting For Years posted at Renters Insurance.

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