Monday 23 April 2012

Distractio​ns. Lies. Election year...............from Rico

Let's connect a few dots.

Barry Soetoro (who calls himself by the alias Barack Hussein Obama, and that many call President but more call pResident) won the Nov 2008 election.
- Never mind recent leaked Stratfor e-mails identifying Democrat vote-stuffing in that election, or the registrations by ACORN of Minnie & Mickey Mouse, et al.

The Great Recession was 'officially" declared over by the Summer of 2009.
- Since then 11.5 million have been added to the Food Stamp rolls.
- Housing values have dropped, leaving homeowners 'owing' $3.7 trillion more than what their properties are currently worth.
- The 'official' 8-ish percent of unemployment is less than half the 'real' rate near 22% (John Williams, Shadowstats).

The LIE of "recovery" uses magical, Alice in Wonderland accounting gimmicks, and only a moron would vote this coming November for more of what hasn't been working so far.
- This is why Romney's money is being used as a 'distraction' from what the Dimocrats (C) and Barry have been doing with YOUR money.

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