Sunday 29 April 2012

The Gold nightmare..............from Rico

Gold is the nightmare of Western Central Banks.
- They HATE the stuff, yet cannot do without it.

They cannot avoid the rise in Gold against their fiat currencies, but they certainly are trying to maintain an 'orderly' and managed rise to avoid a sudden explosion in price.
- At least that is the 'plan' and the 'policy' of the invisible hand.

Central Banks are accumulating physical Gold, buying on weakness and taking advantage of panicked sellers.
- Take a look at the trendline for Gold from 2000-2012. This is the 'big' picture that you miss when you listen to the daily chatter and white noise emanationg from the talking heads of FTV and get caught-up in the daily/short-term price action which has been violent of late.

They 'know' something you don't, and they're not going to tell you what it is.
- Ignore their words, and pay attention to their actions.

Scare the dumb money into selling cheap, buy and hoard. Repeat as needed.

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