Thursday, 19 April 2012

Has Bibi Passed The Point of No Return? Dan Friedman

[I correspond with a number of Israelis, and most tell me the Israeli political class is too venal and lacks the Jewish integrity to carry-out an independent attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Below, and attached as a Word document, is the English transcript of the speech PM Netanyahu gave at Yad Vashem today to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day. And here’s a video of Netanyahu giving the speech in Hebrew (no subtitles).

Now, I don’t yield to many people in the cynicism department, or on my track record of sharply criticizing Netanyahu from the right. But I also lay claim to a certain understanding of the dynamics of character and history, Jewish or otherwise. Read and listen for yourself. I could be mistaken, but Netanyahu certainly sounds like a man who’s preparing his people for an Israeli strike against Iran. df]

Text of Netanyahu’s Holocaust Remembrance Day speech

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