Friday 6 April 2012

Joint Maynard Award Given...........from Rico

JPM is the overt conduit by which the FED (primarily the NY FED) conducts monetary policy operations in the commodities sector.

BOTH the FED and JPM have a serious (albeit different; the FED is trying to manage a soft crash landing of its Dollar, JPM is holding a huge concentration of Silver 'shorts' to be covered) interest in the price suppression of Precious Metals (Gold & Silver).

Their interests are so intertwined and aligned today, that one does what the other wants.
- No questions, no rules or laws, especially not for YOU retail investor. It's their way, or the highway (for now, that is, until this scheme blows up and crashes back to reality).

BOTH the FED and JPM are thus awarded the key "Maynard Award."

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