Thursday, 12 April 2012

Late News...........

Experts out to solve deep-sea mystery of the USS Scorpion

Standing Our Ground by James P Willis

Ukraine supplies third An-32 aircraft to Iraq

Destin fishing business is biting

Obama on Thin Ice

Swipe at Ann Romney garners bipartisan criticism

Better tests find record concussion​s among U.S. troops

More children born to unmarried parents

Anderson Cooper video about Dyngus Day clearly shows why CNN ratings are so bad

Shuttle Discovery Set For Final Flight

Mr President, you're no Ronald Reagan

Argentina 'likely to reinvade Falklands'

Red wine helps weight loss

University alcohol ban to attract Muslims

The Saudis have spoiled Mecca

Syria: Turkey demands complete withdrawal of President Assad's forces

Ahmadinejad: Iran won't surrender its atomic rights

Chu: We don't understand the "bumps and wiggles" of climate change, but oh yes, it's happening

Iran Oil Output May Drop By 950,000 Barrels By July, IEA Says

OPEC Pumps More Oil as Iraq Boost Offsets Iran Decline

Obama's Slow-Motio​n Social Darwinism

Biden: I Didn't Want to be Obama's VP, But Gave in with Mondale's Help

Voter ID Has Broken Leftist Containmen​t

What? The Magic Words Aren't Working!

Former CMS Chief Don Berwick Proud of 'Growth of Medicaid'

US Navy Fire Scouts will automatically spot pirates, give 30 seconds to comply

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