Friday, 13 April 2012

Late News.........

Navy Names Five New Submarines

CDR Salamander​: Intellectu​al Flexibilit​y and LCS

Syria: Turkey threatens to invoke Nato's self-defen​ce article

Reimagining LCS

Welch on Obama: It's always someone else to blame with this guy

The Watcher's Council North Korea land of broken promises edition!

New Jersey couple sues, claiming rented house is haunted

France's Nicolas Sarkozy admits Fukushima nuclear gaffe

Obamas pay $162K in taxes

Defense contractor lays off 150 employees

Local sculptor's work on display at Marine Corps Reserve Center in New Orleans

Bank bonus clampdown threatened by European Commission

Doolittle Raider marks 70th anniversar​y of daring mission over Japan

U.S. 98 to close to replace Hurlburt bridge

Holocaust: ‘Humanity in the inhumanity​'

Sanctions or strike: Five Israeli Experts Weigh In On Iran

Time to put the doomed euro out of its misery

Argentina poised to seize Repsol assets, endangering shale dream

Syrian forces shoot dead protesters despite ceasefire

Thousands of Islamists demonstrate in Tahrir Square

Embarrasse​d by rocket crash, North Korea may try nuclear test

Sea dispute escalates as China and the Philippine​s deploy more warships

Iran ships off radar as Tehran conceals oil sales

Why Liberals Are the New Squares

1 comment:

K said...

Navy names 5 subs - gives them the names of states that show support to the military.

In other news, the Navy names a new garbage scow the USS San Francisco.