Monday 16 April 2012

Late News............

Iraq hosts arms expo nine years after fall of Saddam

University of West Florida opens window into life at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

Is the Red Cross a Neutral Symbol to Afghans?

A great month for Obama, so-so for the country!

US officials scrambling to confirm reports of American terror leader's death in Somalia

Shocker… Obama Sends Millions of US Dollars to Kenya – Where His Socialist “Cousin” Is Prime Minister

Sudan parliament brands South's government 'enemy'

Roast potato crisis as cost of goose fat soars

Kabul attacks 'meant to humiliate' Afghan allies

Cannibal gang cooked victims into meat pastries

BLACKFIVE: The Viet Nam Vet Generation - GEN Anthony Zinni

Official Dismisses Comparison of Kabul Attacks, Tet Offensive

Danish container shipping tycoon dies

EagleSpeak​: Iran Media Hype: "US uses piracy as excuse to control energy passage: Iran Navy official"

Obama EO targets fracking

So You Want To Own a Gun

O'Keefe Team Offered More Ballots

Stalked by Stupidity

Libyan oil exports to total 1.29 million bpd in May

How The MSM Covered Up Fast and Furious

The Democrats' Biggest Lie

Sources: Napolitano Lied to Congress

Quadruple amputee undergoes surgery after Afghanista​n blast

Running on Empty: The Cliché Candidacy of Barack Obama

Prosecutor​ial Profiling?

NYC Occupy Smashes Starbucks, Shouts 'All Pigs Must Die'

‘These Boys Better Watch Out’: Roemer’s Third-Party Run for the White House

Jay Carney & the 3 Hilary Rosens

Karl Marx's Bearded Ladies

'Quid Pro Quo': Dem Rep Says Obama Selling Access

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