Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Metta World Peace Out for Seven Games

Man, that mofo cracked the dude upside the head!

Mofo wasn't about to apologize either, the damned fool. Now he's out for week and it coulda been worse. Of course his reputation, already bad, is freakin' all shot to hell.

See: "Lakers' Metta World Peace Suspended 7 Games for Elbow to Oklahoma City's James Harden."


PacRim Jim said...

Millionaire thugs.
Who cares?

RRR said...

It appears MWP got lost and Ron Artest reappeared in his absence.

He has done so well all year long too.

Oh well, Ron is a millionaire thug, by any name he chooses is just that. Can't get the stripes off the zebra.