Monday 23 April 2012

Michelle Malkin on Fire on 'Hannity'

This is an outstanding clip!

See: "Barack Obama Is Not a Nice Guy: Time for Straight Talk on Obama's Thuggery and Partisan Brutality."


marc in calgary said...

"chirp chirp chirp"

... too funny Michelle! love it!

LifeoftheMind said...

I've met Michelle Malkin and she is a smart brave hard working lady. In 2008 she was wrong to advance the denigration of John McCain from the right that helped depress the conservative vote. In critical locations that may have tipped the edge to get Obama elected.

The supposedly conservative charge against so called RINOs is often fed by Democratic Party operatives acting as Moby trolls on web sites. You can see the same effort being prepared against Romney. Many of us may want a clearer voice on many issues, like Health Care and Immigration and Tort Reform, than we are likely to get from him. That is no reason to aid the Democrats by personally attacking Mitt Romney.