Wednesday 11 April 2012


Fisking Trenton Oldfield

Santorum Will Be Back if Romney Loses

Is the EPA Just Sloppy, or Cooking the Books?

A Somali Pirate Gets Free Education?

Grandpa, patriot who goes by 'The Raptor,' claims credit for taking down Al Qaeda websites

JJ's brit ... cartridge schematic, & projected performance ...

Newt Gingrich's check bounces for Utah ballot

Low Approval and Fragile Economy Spell Obama Reelection Trouble

UN Human Rights Chief Calls For Trayvon Investigat​ion

U.S. Loses Battle to Make Public Internal U.N. Reports On Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Jeremiah Wright: Unhinged, unplugged

Gates: No more $$ to rightist legislativ​e group

Would-be FBI agent sues after missing cut by one pushup

Rev. Wright: Obama Heard Every Word

UKBA bunglers let dangerous foreign criminals roam free

The 'Doomsday shelter' being built below Kansas prairie where millionaires will be able to sit out the Apocalypse in style

Syria's nightmare is reaching its bloody nadir, despite Kofi Annan's ineffectual efforts

Syria: Bashar al-Assad 'will pay' for breaking peace pledge

North Korea 'injecting fuel into rocket'

Philippines summons China's ambassador over South China Sea standoff

Alcohol sharpens the mind

DIY woman trapped in flat pack wardrobe for 90 minutes

Britain 'to resume direct aid to Malawi'

CIA and FBI win blackout on rendition claims

Obama is a Class Warfare Liar

DHS: Millions of Rounds of Ammo – Replacing Bean Bags With Bullets on the Border? BulletProof CheckPoint Booths – for what?

Military jets escort Korean Air plane to CFB Comox after bomb threat

Bacteria invisible to the naked eye gnawing its way through sunken Titanic

‘Lebanese targets fair game in war with Hezbollah’

The hollow men of British politics

Rev Wright RAPS!

Carney: March Jobs Numbers Better Than Bush Could Do

BayBears headed home to open new rivalry with Pensacola Wahoos

Shotgun disguised as water gun

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