Friday, 13 April 2012


China, Philippine​s both send ships as dispute simmers

North Korea is the gang that couldn't shoot straight!

Another very British farce

Iran promotes successor for Al-Sistani

CDR Salamander​: Fullbore Friday

The $7 billion dollar warship being built to maintain American naval supremacy over China in the 21st Century

BLACKFIVE: "No Survivors" - Rememberin​g Eagle Flight - Annual Memorial on BlackFive

Iraq to aid Libya in destroying chemical weapons

1-194 Combined Arms Battalion cases its colors

Satellite Launch Fail

Putting the NRA on Trial With Zimmerman

China's High-Tech Military Threat

Obama, Sarkozy discuss oil reserves

Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton as atheist groups seek removal

Friday’s nuclear talks ‘an Iranian trick,’ warns Israel’s last envoy to Tehran

National Review eunuchs

Beach volleyball bikinis raise issues at 2012 Summer Olympics in London

Coast Guard: 2 dead in shootings at Alaska station

Gibson Guitar case drags on with no sign of criminal charges

Legal highs flood into Falkland Islands - hospital warns of health effects

President Bashar al-Assad won’t make same mistake as Colonel Gaddafi – so the West must act

Spanish bailout 'impossible' for eurozone

Beat bobbies to be replaced by 'plastic police'

Mali's new leader threatens 'total war' against Tuareg rebels

Britain could be powered by Icelandic volcanoes

We needn't panic – yet – about Iran's nuclear programme

Ann Romney's stay-at-home feminism has done her husband a big political favour

South Sudan choosing the 'path of war'

North Korea rocket cost impoverished country £533 million

The Return of the Spanish Flu: Uncertainty about Spain Worries Euro Zone

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