Saturday, 21 April 2012


Here We Go Again: Romney’s New Slogan is “Racist”

Military Blogger Awards

Illinois governor unveils bold plan to save pensions

Your Next Laptop Is Worth Waiting For

New Zealand woman's Coca-Cola habit cited in death

Hubble's Anniversar​y Image Reveals Stars' Birthplace

Feds can't deport illegal immigrant arrested 35 times in Alabama

Infected PCs may lose Internet in July

Rare Honus Wagner baseball card sells for $1.2M

Lyrid meteor shower and Saturn’s rings to light up night sky this weekend

Earliest painting of a transvesti​te uncovered

Terrorists threaten to attack UK if Qatada is deported

Fighter jets about-turn 'will harm capability’

European Parliament calls for sanctions against Argentina

Pakistan plane crash: Fuel tanks 'exploded mid air'

Bahrain Grand Prix: Protesters block roads as teargas fired

African continent 'sitting on vast reservoir'

South Sudan to pull out of oil town

François Hollande: the Socialist 'pup' on course to become France's next leader

Want to cheer yourself up? go for a walk in a cemetery

New warplanes 'less capable', secret paper shows

We can’t reform the European Court of Human Rights, so let’s end this nonsense

Franco-German Schengen Proposal - A Vote of No Confidence in Europe

Afghan security detains insurgents with 22,046 lbs of explosives

'N. Korea nuclear test may come within 2 weeks'

Republicans eye $680 m. for Iron Dome

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