Monday 23 April 2012


C-27J transport aircraft on chopping block nine months after debut

Cher angers Australia town by selling key to the city

A Bugatti Veyron: A Fast Porcelain Toilet?

Aide: Obama is addressing Secret Service, GSA scandals

Israel military chief says "ready for action" on Iran's nuke facilities

Brazil refuses to stand back from currency markets

With energy firm's takeover, is Argentina the new Venezuela?

Scientists locate malaria parasites' Achilles heal

Getting to grips with the gold bug variations

Alleged Secret Service scandal spreads to second hotel

Economists upping their forecasts for 2012

Google execs and James Cameron to mine asteroids

Why Justice Department Could Hit Wal-Mart Hard Over Mexican Bribery Allegation​s

US dogs' 10 mln tons poop sparking concerns of potential health hazard

Some physicians offer service based on monthly retainers

How good old Dunkirk spirit sank elf 'n' safety at the Queen's jubilee pageant

We’re all at sea over our new aircraft carriers

Voters have lost patience with the culture of spin and fakery

France election 2012: one in five vote for Marine Le Pen as Nicolas Sarkozy is beaten into second place

Austerity Force One for Britain

Month's worth of rain to fall in 72 hours

David Cameron anti-piracy operation hits a snag

Hugo Chavez keeps a low profile in Cuba for cancer treatment

China expresses confidence in North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un

Whoever wins, a grumpy France will stick to socialist policies

Sudan launches attack into South Sudan's borders

Vietnam begins naval exercises with the US

What fuels the American-German love-in?

Two cheers for Danish justice

So Minister. when did porn users' civil liberties trump the protection of children?

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