Wednesday 25 April 2012


Gotta love Redneck Engineerin​g...

BLACKFIVE: Congressio​nal candidate slams troops

Littoral Combat Ship, in Summation

The threat of Boko Haram for Nigeria, Africa, and beyond

AQAP commander thought killed in US drone strike

Egyptian jihadist killed in recent US Predator strike in Yemen

4th SBCT announces fall deployment to Afghanista​n on "Raider Day"

The Man Who Mistook His Girlfriend for a Hog

Cuba plans massive shift to non-state sector

Anzac Day ...25 April

Anzac Day 2012 in Afghanistan

EOD techs fight to keep motto

Prostituti​on investigat​ion arrives in Northwest Florida

The Pledge of Allegiance in Boston

Your Obama reelection cheat sheet

Eurozone in crisis

Severe weather warnings as Atlantic storms batter Britain with rain and wind

US warns North Korea to refrain from 'hostile acts'

Why French socialists love Barack Obama

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable ballistic missile

US and Philippines engage in war games

Lebanon's most wanted Islamist terrorist 'killed planting bombs for Syrian rebels'

Iran recalls diplomat to be 'dealt with' over Brazil groping scandal

Australia grounds Black Hawk helicopter fleet

Sapphire discovery in Madagascar sparks rush

Britain 'must not rush for Afghanistan exit'

Hatchet Job On Israel By 60 Minutes

Syrian rebels target security officials in capital

Mexican ‘illegals’ leaving U.S. in droves, study finds

Church bell that chimed through two world wars is silenced by one complaint from village newcomers

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