Monday, 30 April 2012


BMW sued for giving customer a persistent, lasting erection

Wary of Iran, Saudis seek progress on Gulf union

Two states strike down "Amazon tax"

Another bad day for Bradley Manning

Obama: ‘I was born in Hawaii,’ wink, wink

Dad sues school district after son is punished for cheating

The Secret Way To Stop Heart Disease

The Super Shorty Shotgun

Warm air down and cold air up: wind farms may affect weather

New bra is made to carry an iPhone

Parents livid after learning ‘B is for bomb’ in nursery school

Tiny country's sulky prince threatens to quit

German jihadist killed by US in March drone strike

How to Make Every Day Earth Day

Half truths and repression: the tools of Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime

Al-Qaeda 'will free British hostage' if Abu Qatada can go where he wants

France election: Nicolas Sarkozy forced to deny he received 50 million euros from Muammar Gaddafi

British aid worker Khalil Dale beheaded by Taliban in Pakistan

Cruise ship crew 'paid just 75p per hour'

Ukraine warns Germany against 'Cold War' tactics over Euro 2012 'boycott'

Libya former oil minister found dead in the Danube

British UN worker arrested in Sudan for 'militarily aiding' South Sudan

Czech metal thieves dismantle 10-ton bridge

British pilot imprisoned after discovering suspected LRA massacre

Probe into Japanese bathtub fatalities after 14,000 die in one year

Sitting Out Obama

Christians under attack in Kenya, Nigeria

At last, a judge tells the truth about divorce

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