Thursday, 12 April 2012

Overnight News..........

CDR Salamander​: No, we're not normal

Philippine​s Warship, Chinese Vessels in Standoff

North Korea's Kim Jong-un named party first secretary

Japan braces for North Korean missile launch

"Where no man has gone before," ... , as it turns out, maybe lewis potter was there before me, ...

Mike Tyson on Trayvon Martin

China leadership succession back to old disorderly self

Iraq must share the F-16s with Kurdistan

This is what sweat really is!

DC Prosecutor​s Look For a Way To Charge O'Keefe

Nude maid service raising eyebrows in Texas city

Protest Over Police Shootings in Stockton Gets Ugly

12 Mechanized Brigade takes command of Task Force Helmand

Time to Put Obama's Dismal Record Under the Microscope

Welfare abuse runs deep

Kofi Annan’s Rendezvous with Tehran

It's Time to Add Syria to Kofi Annan's Long List of Failures

Top Teachers Union Organizer Self-decla​red Socialist, bin Laden Apologist

Obama's America: Why Black Grievance Will Never End

Majority of Dems want part or all of Obamacare tossed

Castro Criticizes Obama's Fashion Choices

Obama laying the groundwork to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Holder rallies Sharpton's troops to push Obama agenda: Change 'cannot be the work of government alone'

9mm Versus The 45ACP

The cost of the bee decline in the UK

Rio's love motels to help fix UN summit bed shortage

'Misfit toys' at Navy EOD school

Plane crash victim's wife cites error in report

Rep. Allen West: Democratic group is Communist

Obama Administra​tion Leaks ANOTHER Israeli Defense Secret

America’s Debt Bomb: Worse Than Europe’s

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