Saturday 28 April 2012

The root of all evil...............from Rico

Have you figured out yet why we are going from 'this' (attachment left) to 'this' (attachment right)?

No, money is not the root of the problem. Politicians are the root of the problem.
- The root of all evil.

Congress last passed a budget (their job, btw) 29 April 2009...three years ago!
- WTF?

Instead, all members of Congress following the 'lead' from the current misAdministration have been busy bankrupting America.

Call it "Alibama and his 535 Thieves."


PacRim Jim said...

A delicious irony lurks here:
Though American politicians loot the U.S. Treasury for more and more money, the money itself is more and more devalued thereby, so the thieves benefit less and less.
There is a god, after all.

PacRim Jim said...

As the Facile Philosopher, David Govett, says:
* Time is money.
* Money is the root of all evil.
* Hence, time is the root of all evil.