Friday 6 April 2012

Spoofing?..............from Rico

I 'almost' channeled my inner Lewis Black and titled this 'You have GOT to be SH*TTING me!' but decided 'spoofing' was more apropos.

High Frequency Trading (HFT) is the bundling of computer hardware and software that is powerful enough to move market prices sharply with little actual trading.
- HFT suddenly 'flashes' great numbers of contracts for sale, but before much actual selling occurs the carbon-based life form traders in the market 'see' the HUGE numbers of contracts apparently for sale and withdraw their own 'buy' orders and place 'sell' orders.
- Most of the time, very few of the HFT orders originally offered for sale ever get filled or executed, but are instead cancelled. The operative 'term of art' for this is SPOOFING.

Yes. Most HFT orders are NEVER filled, and are NEVER intended to be filled. While this manipulative trading is against commodity law and is clearly meant to 'scare' others into selling so the dominant commercial traders can 'buy' gold and silver contracts (at lower prices), this phony HFT activity goes apparently unnoticed and certainly unremarked upon by the regulators at CFTC (Car 54 where are you?).

Here is the take away:
- The big, dominant, traders (the five bullion banks) are ALWAYS the big net buyers on big market down days. This is NOT a coincidence, or an accident, but prima facie "cause and effect."

And here's a mint on the pillow for Blythe, the Commodities Queen of JPM!

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