Sunday 8 April 2012

The Sunday Best..................

CDR Salamander​: A Better Hidden Falkland Islands War Story

BLACKFIVE: Another Bad Day At The Jihad

German solution: Tax the young!

In Iraq, signs of regression after US pullout

Like a Sailor on Liberty

Rule 5 Saturday Night: Beyonce

Eisenhower family not fans of memorial

Our Contemptuous President by Mark Steyn

Ukraine ready to send second batch of armored vehicles to Iraq in April

Judge shuts down Dayton's forced unionizati​on of independen​t day-care workers

Are these questionab​le charges on your credit card? A good list to check

Skipping breakfast could cause diabetes in men

Americans Paying $2,000 More on New Cars This Year

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Muslim Brotherhoo​d visits the Obama White House Wednesday and Israel hit by a missile out of Egypt Thursday!

LCS program finds favor in Washington​, D.C.

Should I Move to France? (28 Questions to Ask Yourself)

Fla. pastor Terry Jones: Islam's goal is 'world domination​'

North Korea in first stage of its rocket launch

Goldman Sachs and the ‘long good buy’

A tiny request on the eve of war

Coming Soon to Obama's America

Women on top in revised Kamasutra

Gas prices are higher in the spring

Gun advocacy no longer in Coke's sights

Will and Kate dolls may already be sold out in pre-orders

More time needed for swaps says Greece

Doomsday fanatics will love Land Rover's concept

Reading Assignments

Argies corn biffed

North Korea threatens 'merciless punishment' as it readies rocket launch

Triumphant Tuareg rebels fall out over al-Qaeda's jihad in Mali

RAF Chinook helicopter makes emergency landing in US

Robert Mugabe strikes secret deal to hand Zimbabwe power to Emmerson Mnangagwa

France election 2012: Islam takes centre stage in battle for France

Swiss village in Alpine valley votes to turns its back on $1.2 billion goldmine

Billions of euros of EU money yet Madeira has built up massive debts

Afghanistan, U.S. reach deal on special operations, night raids

Hope dims for Syria truce as fresh violence leaves 100 dead

and finally.........

Easter Egg Links down at Maggie's Farm

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