Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Sunday Best..........

Burning Our Flag

Los Angeles:Race Wars and Ethnic Cleansing

US drones kill 21 AQAP fighters in separate strikes in southern Yemen

Why Airport Security Is Broken—And How to Fix It

Ministry of Defense received the third plane of Antonov -32

Help Find Man Who Impregnate​d Woman in Megadeth/M​otorhead Concert Bathroom

NRA official: Media sensationa​lizing Florida case

'Shove It' indicator: More people now quit than get fired

With new heart, Cheney calls Obama 'unmitigat​ed disaster'

How to stop text spam: Why cellphone spam is on the rise and what you can do about it

Local men assist in search for Amelia Earhart

US hits a dry smell

The great transatlantic tax divide

George Washington named Britain's greatest ever foe

Iran, Syria, North Korea: Is the world sitting on a tinderbox?

King Juan Carlos of Spain operated on after 'elephant hunting' accident.

Leading British Muslim leader faces war crimes charges in Bangladesh

British farmer’s quest to find lost Spitfires in Burma

In the eyes of Nature, warming can't be natural

Supplies for Assad: German Ship Carrying Weapons Stopped Near Syria

France calls for EU nuclear power subsidies

Carney Declines Comment on Secret Service Scandal

North Korea unveils possible new missile at military parade

Israel blocks pro-Palestinian “fly-in” activists, threatens deportation

'Let's go on for our final victory!': Kim Jong-un gives first public speech

and finally..........

Wonderful world: A springtime photo dump - my snaps of just a few of the many things and places I like

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Scott said...

Re: ethnic cleansing in LA

Our dysfunctional Federal government is aiding and abetting the colonization of our country by foreigners...We are spending trillions fighting jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan yet we let anyone walk across the border and steal jobs. We even pay for their children to go to school and their medical care...Our government is broken. They steal one-third of our economic output and we get garbage in return...