Sunday 29 April 2012

The Sunday Best..........

BLACKFIVE: "Gutsiest call ever" delegated to man w/ actual guts

Shining a Bright Light on a dark time...

Iran planning to cut internet access to rest of world

Red Flag Warning

Lizard Burgers

Word on the Street

EOD ceremony to honor record number of fallen technicians

Scandal highlights lack of women in Secret Service

Farming 'spread by migrant wave'

Woman kills man by squeezing his balls

'White Hispanic' not an agenda, a reality

Intense light prevents, treats heart attacks, study suggests

Almost seven million birds perish at communicat​ion towers in North America each year

GM paid CEO $7.7M, says U.S. rules keep pay too low

Jilted dentist gets revenge by pulling all of her ex's teeth

Quick fix for Hotmail password bug

New Particle Discovered with 'Higgs Boson' Machine

Key tests for Skylon spaceplane project

Rogue Google Engineer Tried to Steal Your Informatio​n

Proper Etiquette for When You're Under Arrest

Mullet Toss photos: Day 1 bikini contest, fish flinging and more

Donors Beware: Obama Posts Online 'Enemies List'

Unite...Or Die

'Mythical' swan photo taken down after 'bestiality' fears

Missiles stationed on residential roof for Olympics

China's crisis poses huge challenge for Hillary Clinton

Satellite photos show preparations for new North Korea nuclear test

'Ukraine Is Becoming Increasingly Authoritarian'

Cuisines from My Stepfather

Massive rally raises questions on timing of Malaysian election

and finally..........

Palestinian Clown Union At UCSD

1 comment:

Scott said...

Re: GM CEO makes 7.7 million. Our service chiefs make around 150K base pay. No mega-million mega bonuses for them either as for the rest of America's overpaid CEOs. Why in the hell is the Government motors CEO pay which is in fact paid by the taxpayers, fifty times greater. I mean, there would be no GM without taxpayers. Why is his pay 50 times higher than our service chiefs who administer hundreds of thousands of troops and control budgets in the tens to hundreds of billions of dollars? Is his time in Detroit running a simple manufacturing business more valuable than running our Army, Navy, Air-Force or Marine Corps. His workers don't have to survive on the battlefield. His workers don't have to endure the hardships of living in austere conditions far away from home and familty. His workers don't have to lay their lives on the line for less than money than some guy hanging hubcaps on a Chevy...It is appalling that the GM CEO was paid 7.7 million for a nothing job in comparison to what our service chiefs and their troops contribute to our nation. Get the government out of private business now!