Thursday 12 April 2012

TCTP...............from Rico

The COMEX Registered Silver inventory has dipped below the 30 million ounce level, and is at historic lows.

Gee, what a 'coincidence' that JPM's Blythe Masters just happened to have a friendly, scripted, softball interview recently.
- JPM and Blythe are noteworthy for avoiding any discussion of their opaque Precious Metals operations...especially with regard to the heavily 'manipulated metal Silver. Many have concluded from this that JPM is in some sort of 'trouble' and/or might be trying to get out in front of a collapse and the subsequent lawsuits.

Maybe they can 'lease' some physical Silver from that paper-backed ETF called SLV?
- Hardy, har, har and nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! What a laugh!

While this puts the lie to David Drew* no one really believes that any of the "Masters of the Universe" will ever go to prison.....for they are merely honest clerks who are not 'directionally positioned, and are almost innocent virgins. Besides, they are Too Connected To Prosecute (TCTP). [Think MF Global and Corzine.]
* "He who sells what isn't his'n,
must buy it back or go to prison."

But, never fear, there will be plenty of folks who will be left holding the proverbial bag on the wrong end of the short side when the ponzi COMEX/SLV crash.

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