Saturday 28 April 2012

Thoughts...................from Brian

The knowledge we learn sadly can not be passed on, only advice, and no one listens to advice. So each generation starts from scratch on the learning scale. The learning scale (Inelegance Quotient ) is dictated by the Government, and is geared towards test taking and not applied ability. This has been going on for years and is directly tied in with Teachers Unions making sure they get High pay ( yea yea I know they say LOW PAY) and can NOT be fired or laid off without pay even if they are having intimate relationships with kids. However, Isolated low pay is NOT the norm, ..However!! this is not about Pay, this is about why our children think that they are not required to work to earn because the people WITH Money should pay for them,, required? Really? Who said your required to work, I don't give a dam if you work, it wont take long before you realize food is not free. Whine all ya want but America is NOT about hand outs,, well it really wan't. Now well.. anyway,, get a freakin job and you will find used working means ya get to eat ,look,, now working is demeaning. but I have noticed a definite lowering of the scale, it used to be humped like a Camel, and is more now a Flat line. The bad thing is, it is not the low parts rising, it is the high points, basic knowledge that is missing. the college level private high schools that have now dumbed down so they can accept the dumbed down teens from Government high schools. We have come a long ways Baby,

Learn this or get set back, That was my school

And now we come to I am union, everybody passes.

Brian In Florida

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PacRim Jim said...

Each generation does NOT start from scratch.
They adopt precisely the seductive, effortless behaviors of previous generations that yield short-term benefits with minimal effort and sacrifice. (For reference, see Washington, D.C.)
Nobody said we humans are wise.