Sunday 29 April 2012

U.S. riots (Video) and Greek suicides!........By Michael Haltman at The Political Commentator

Implementation of the austerity measures in conjunction with the demise of the Greece economy has led to an uptick in that country's suicide rate!

Also a video that predicts a collapse in the U.S. dollar will lead to massive social unrest here! Watch and give your opinion on the potential for what is predicted to come to fruition!

Greece austerity, economic crisis and suicides!

ATHENS: On Monday, a 38-year-old geology lecturer hanged himself from a lamp post in Athens and on the same day a 35-year-old priest jumped to his death off his balcony in northern Greece. On Wednesday, a 23-year-old student shot himself in the head.

In a country that has had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world, a surge in the number of suicides in the wake of an economic crisis has shocked and gripped the Mediterranean nation and its media before a May 6 election.

The especially grisly death of pharmacist Dimitris Christoulas, who shot himself in the head on a central Athens square because of poverty brought on by the crisis that has put millions out of work, was by far the most dramatic.

Before shooting himself during morning rush hour on April 4 on Syntagma Square across from the Greek parliament building, the 77-year-old pensioner took a moment to jot down a note.

“I see no other solution than this dignified end to my life so I don’t find myself fishing through garbage cans for sustenance,” wrote Christoulas, who has since become a national symbol of the austerity-induced pain that is squeezing millions. (Source)

Watch the video about the potential for rioting in the streets across America at The Political Commentator here.

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