Sunday 1 April 2012

The #VRWC Report, Brother can you spare 50 bucks for bus fare?

One way or another the socialist utopians will force us out of our cars: Urban planners rejoice as high gas prices force more Americans to take the bus. And when the government schools fill your kid's head with Gaia-worship he decides he doesn't need a drivers license.

Fortunately at least one blogger didn't get the memo.

I know Newt Gingrich needs money, but this is ridiculous.

Kentucky Wildcat fans sing Burnin' Down The House. Did I say "sing?" I meant, "re-enact."

The ballots are counted, the results are in, and we have a winner! The Useful Idiot of the Month is...

Great moments in "choice" - contractor "chooses" not to pour concrete for abortion clinic. The abortionists "choose" to have a cow. I "choose" to mock them. Dontcha love "choice?"

Vicki Kennedy loves "choice." And that's put her at odds with her local bishop. Catholic teaching is clear, and there is no "Catholic Case For Obama" no matter how many times the Democrats lionized your late husband.

George Will, Ann Coulter, and Van Jones walk into a bar. No this is not a bad joke.

But speaking of bad jokes...

How many nerds does it take to ruin a joke?
"So, I assume you meant 'geek,' and 'riddle.' Proceed."
The Bard of Murdock doth wax poetic of Muslim marital bliss.Your mileage may vary.

NBC attempts to commit journalism. A race war ensues? What NBC wants, NBC gets.

Have you supported our conservative political mommy bloggers today? Well, why not?


Shane said...

Thank you very much for the continued links Chris. They are much appreciated!

PacRim Jim said...

Went to Safeway today.
Cantaloupes were $8 each.

Democrats have destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar.

Matt said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Atty in KY said...

Theo, I read your blog daily and love it so when I saw a link about the morons in Lexington rioting after our Cats beat UofL I had to comment. I was born and bred in the beautiful Bluegrass. I bleed Kentucky blue and will long into the afterlife. However, the idiots who did that were drunken college students who should be expelled and prosecuted. Then, with a large portion of the metro police force involved in crowd control, the real thugs (who cared nothing about the game) came out to commit criminal acts with little risk.

pjMom said...

Chris--again, thanks so much for the link (if I can ever prove I'm not a damn robot).