Wednesday 4 April 2012

What inflation? What, me worry?.............from Rico

Most folks don't even know what the Federal Reserve Bank a.k.a. FED is (a privately owned, for-profit, bank cartel and possibly less "Federal" than FEDEX is), possibly even thinking it's part of their Federal Government.
- So, when they're told by the current FED chief that it's the FED's job to keep the economy stable and smooth-out bumps, and prevent economic depressions...they believe the malarky!

Bear in mind that the creature from Jekyll Island was created in 1913. Not long afterwards we had the Great Depression. Joe and Jane Sixpack are acutely aware that today's situation is at best the Great Recession, if not a Depression already...despite the disconnected-from-reality Government and Media claims that any Recession ended in 2009 and things are getting better, and Happy Days are just ahead (if just past the next election). Yeah. Sure. Riiiiiiight.
- The devaluation of the currency on the FED's watch is breath-taking!

Anyone who needs to buy gasoline, groceries, or pay their electricity bill KNOWS that we already have a problem with rising prices (inflation) but never connect the dots and see this as the devaluation/debasement of their purchasing power (it takes more irredeemable scraps of FED fiat paper to purchase the same quantity of almost anything NOT measured in the 'offishul' inflation calculations).
- I won't even bother with the blatantly dishonest and mendacious Government statistics here, but do rather suggest anyone who does not get their opinions from the Ministry of Truth (the MSM) get acquainted with John William's SGS (Shadow Stats) that tracks the numbers they way they 'used' to be figured before the liars...., er Bureaurats and Politicians, started cooking the books to hide their gross malfeasance from Joe and Jane. Perception as reality. [read: spin]

Look at the first graph. Repeat after Barry, Benny, and Co. "Nope! No inflation here!"
- What inflation? To quote Alfred E. Newman "What, ME worry?"

Looking at the second graph. You can see the stellar job of containing 'inflation' that our Mensa economists-bankers-politicians are currently doing is nothing either 'new' or 'changed'.....this has happened before. I've seen it and lived through it.
- None of the Keynesian ivory tower eggheads ever anticipated inflation gone wild, but only managed to calculate the damage after-the-fact.

Buckle-up, buttercup. The fun ride isn't even close to ending!

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