Tuesday 24 April 2012

What is obscene?...............from Rico

What is obscene here?

The number of jobs available vs. the number of unemployed?

The fact that America is #1 in low wage jobs?

That the governing elites and Wall Street continue to collect huge paychecks and bonuses for the good work they've done buying Washington ploiticians?


Than the population is now so dumbed-down they cannot see through the fog of lies, deception, propaganda and 'spin' they are bombarded with 24/7 by their masters in the uber-klasse and the MSM?

Try this idea on:
- Everything said by both political parties in the next six pre-election months will be designed to 'distract' the iGadget masses from the fact that BOTH parties now work for the very same masters, and that no one actually intends to change or 'improve' a single thing. Things are the way they clearly are intentionally, not by accident (for recent government-run school graduates read: "accidentally on-purpose").
- If they wanted things to be 'different' than they are, then they would be...but for some, things are pretty wonderful just the way they are. No one at the top wants to seriously rock the boat.

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