Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chronicle of Higher Education Fires Naomi Schaefer Riley for Criticizing Fake Discipline of Black Studies

Once again progressives have proved that the attack of "racism" is utterly without content and significance. Schaefer Riley is by definition not racist. No woman espousing a racist, Jim Crow ideology of white supremacy would marry a black man. To argue otherwise is to rip the nation's genuine history of racial oppression out of its historical context of slavery and segregation.

See, "Naomi Schaefer Riley Is Married to the Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley, Who is Black."

Naomi Schaefer Riley


Anonymous said...

Exactly. "Racism" as a charge is a phony smear. If Hollywood was not a leftist enclave, they would have rendered this tactic null and void years ago - as they did with the "communist" smear by putting it in every idiot character's mouth.

PacRim Jim said...

Truly, we live under kakistocracy, which is government by the least qualified and/or most unprincipled citizens.
Vote as if your children's lives depend on the November election, for they do.