Saturday, 5 May 2012

Historic long-term unemployme​nt...............from Rico

If you are "surprised" it can only be because you did not bother to ask what exactly was meant by CHANGE.
- Maybe you'll ask "in exactly which direction would that be" when you hear the latest meaningless one-word campaign slogan FORWARD?

The USSA has achieved historic a level on long-term unemployment!

While it is unsurprising to see that the level of educational attainment plays a large role in unemployment, and that a High School diploma (or less) seems to be a barrier to getting a job, here's something many are not aware of: age is also a problem for many job seekers.
- Persons age 55+ are particularly over-represented among the long-term unemployed. It would have been interesting to 'slice' the data to see how many over 55's also only had a HS diploma (or less).

Take away:
- Ignoring the happy face 'spin' emanating from the MSM and our politicians, 100 million workingage Americans do not have jobs.

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