Saturday, 12 May 2012

Is America becoming Greece? No, but.....from Rico

A friend recently asked me how I felt about America becoming the next Greece.

I had to firmly say NO to the idea, but here is what I DO think:
- The new Japan is China. An export economy with too much capacity.
- The new Greece is Spain. It has debt up the wazoo.
- The new Ireland is the old Ireland. It is exporting people at the fastest rate since the 19th century.
- The New America is Brazil.

WHOA! What happened to the old America?
- America is the new Argentina. America is broke and its government has gone rogue, just like Argentina in the 1980's.

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PacRim Jim said...

I might add:
Brazil is a country of the future — and always will be.
Argentina is a country of the past — and always will be.