Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Late News...........

Obama team bashes Romney over Trump support

Stocks rise on hopes for China stimulus

You can be laid to rest in Elvis Presley's crypt

Home prices rise in most major U.S. cities

Commentary: Alarm bells in the U.S.

Houla deaths: Western states to expel Syrian diplomats

BLACKFIVE: The Necessity of Suffering Miserably in the Name of Equality..​...

CDR Salamander​: Michael Ware: "Suck it up."

Do WaPo editors read their own newspaper?

The Stupid Shall Be Punished: USS Illinois Will NOT Have An All-Female Crew

Senate Dems back plan to double TSA 'security fee' per flight

Emma Winnall, 93-year-old attacked in her bed, dies of injuries

Iran Relaunches Russian-Ma​de Submarine Without Help

Flame virus 'has infected 189 systems in Iran'

Rare Martian Pink diamond sold for $17.4m in Hong Kong

The New York Times Runs a Hit Job on Ann Romney

Falling stout bubbles explained

Facebook's stock falls below $30 for first time

Obama May Lose To A Grass-Root​s Operation Chaos In Texas

10 dead, more than 40 shootings in Chicago over holiday weekend

Today's GOP primary in Texas follows nasty campaigns

Memorial to Eagles

Government to Fork: The Obama Garden

Storied law firm folds after partners flee

Conservati​ve offers $20K for Obama's college transcript​s

It Ain't Necessarily So By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

and finally........

BRAVO SIERRA ALERT: US Special Forces 'parachuted into North Korea'

Planned Parenthood fires staffer in Live Action video

S.C. Army National Guard Soldiers partner with Kuwaiti National Guard

Two, Three, Many Obamas

Hayes apologizes for "heroes" comments

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