Tuesday 8 May 2012

Let's go ALL in!................from Rico

The US (and Barry) is lucky to have Warren Buffet and his Vice Chairman Charlie Munger* (all bloviating wankers btw) to keep us out of trouble and look out for us!
- Wise and sage grandfatherly fellows that Warren and Charlie are. [Have they gone senile, or are they merely cynical hypocrites?]

Follow their advice, and take everything you own and put it into the equity markets...something which today has all the integrity of a carnival toss or a back alley craps game! Yeah, GOOD IDEA, put it all into the Wall Street slot machine and pull the handle...but NO whining or complaining when your money is taken by mis-priced risk and open fraud (forgotten MF Global and CME already?).
- Myself, I'd rather gamble at the Lisboa Casino in Macau, where the games are honest.

*Charlie ("civilized people don't buy Gold") Munger doesn't think the Central Banks of China, India, or the Mid East, or their people, are 'civilized' because they don't understand that they are supposed to hold US Dollars and invest them in Treasuries and on Wall Street for safekeeping!
- Makes you wonder what he thinks of the low-life scum that buy Silver?

After all, if you are worried about inflation or the Dollar's devaluation, you can always buy a rail road.

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Lola said...

Rico, old mate, Warren and Charlie may have their blind spots (e.g. 'The 'rich' should pay more tax'), but they are right about common stock. Sooner or later we are going to have to start creating wealth, and this only happens when a business gows. Gold is not 'wealth creation', it is wealth preservation.