Tuesday 8 May 2012


How Army Staffs Map to High School Cliques...

The Avenger Gets a Serious Upgrade

Australia offers military jobs to US troops facing separation

Jar Jar Binks in Tehran? Iran Caught Using Photoshopp​ed Missile Image

I love it for the vintage footage...

Fort Bragg soldier arrested for allegedly stealing $68G worth of guns

Negative Campaign Shows Obama’s Weakness

The Shattering of the Putin Myth

Hugo Chavez actually might not live forever

Topps Baseball Card Model Kate Upton?

Shut Up, Schwarzennegger

Army trying to figure out what to do with 20,000 mine-resistant trucks

A barrage of dishonesty on GM

Rush Limbaugh Takes on Obama's Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticu​t Applicants

Blessing of the Fleet boat decoration contest winners named

Time to end the scandal of our 9 to 5 NHS: A top A&E doctor says it's outrageous patients suffer because his colleagues refuse to give up their weekends

Pakistan is the key to Olympics security

New eurozone crisis looms as Spain prepares bail-out

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: The Sultan of Oman's Royal Cavalry charge for the Queen

Prince Harry draws attention to plight of war wounded as he collects Washington award

Al-Qaeda underwear bomb plot proof of 'perverse' lengths they will go to

Syria: killings continue as country goes to the polls

Argentina’s foreign minister refuses to apologise for Falkland Islands Olympics video

Greek Parties Have Little Chance of Forming Government

Netanyahu calls off early elections, forms coalition as Israel ponders Iran challenge

The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style

The Rise of Europe’s Political Radicals

Blatant stupefying media bias .. but who's surprised?

Taliban beheads 13 Pakistani soldiers

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