Saturday, 12 May 2012


French Gunner Zen

Czech military to withdraw from Afghanista​n in next years

Not the Lego® playsets I grew up with, certainly!

The jet that ate the Pentagon

Ex-Marine’s ‘Best Buy-cott’ gathers steam over radical Muslim ties

Interestin​g missile defense video

Surfer's 78-foot monster wave sets Guinness world record

Breastfeeding, By Any Weans Necessary

Family of alleged Romney victim angry over exploitati​on of story

Original document proving Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee ancestry doesn't exist?

WWII general's rehabilita​tion proceeding​s continue

Obama Learns What Happens When You Ignore Voters

Carolina Blues for Charlotte Convention

Lovitz Put Career in Jeopardy by Critiquing Obama

Washington Times Reporter Discusses Obama's Forged Selective Service Card Investigat​ion

Facebook co-founder renounces citizenshi​p ahead of IPO

Lockheed delivers F-36Bs

The frequent fliers who flew too much

Eglin's F-35 program starts to hit stride

'Please God, don't let this baby die!': Off-duty deputy saves the day in Destin

‘Doing things by the heart': Estonian mayor enjoys fun in the sun, learns valuable lessons while in Destin

Bombshell Book Revelation –Bill Clinton: Obama Is An “Incompetent Amateur”

Indian oil company in talks to buy stake in FOGL exploration block

Bloodless bean-counters rule over us – where are the leaders?

Sonic weapon deployed for Olympics

US resumes arms sales to Bahrain

Ratko Mladic seeks to delay trial by calling on judge to be dropped

Grim reapers: the exploitation of Brazil's savannah

Mitt Romney needs to get on the right side of nasty

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri 'not in Pakistan', says Yousuf Raza Gilani

Texas reporter sacked for being part time stripper

Missing girls found alive as hunt for America's most-wanted fugitive ends

India claims to reclaim tea as their national drink

Crossword writer accused of coded message to kill Chavez's brother

Vanuatu throws out Australian police over diplomatic spat

Getting Naked to Change the World

France: UK jet change 'threatens carrier deal'

Hezbollah chief says Syria may descend into Iraq-like abyss

Romney is the Only Option

Two Thirds Think Rich People Benefit America

The Obamamedia admits support for Obummer

Silver, and gold, lining to Haiti’s geological vulnerability

Iranian opposition: Tehran accelerating its nuclear program


Dr. Mercury said...

"The jet that ate the Pentagon"


Scott said...

I was one of the Marine CH-46 pilots who was supposed to be flying the V-22 in the early nineties...The MV-22 didn't complete its first operational deployment until nearly twenty years later...I suspect the costs associated with the F-35 will require a scaled down and much delayed fielding...Slide all proposed dates ten to twenty years to the right and drop buy numbers thirty to fifty percent and you'll be in the ballpark.