Thursday, 31 May 2012

Obama Hope and Change video titled "The rhetoric and the reality!"...from Mike Haltman at TPC

Obama: Leads through rhetoric while the American people suffer through the reality of his actions!

The beauty of running for president with no real record to speak of is that rhetoric becomes king.

For Barack Obama in particular, back in 2007 there was little of any substance to look back on and what was there got completely ignored by the media.

"Hope and Change" therefore became a great campaign slogan.

Fast forward to 2012! The problem for Obama in the 2012 election is that he will now be judged worthy or not worthy for a second-term in office based on the actual results of his administration.

Not by rhetoric, not by ceding responsibility for failure to his predecessor and not through the use of catchy campaign slogans.

For Obama, his downfall in the 2012 election will be that instead of "Hope and Change" the American people will judge him on a little thing called "Policies and Results".

For this politician, even with the help of his MSM bench, the facts will be his worst nightmare come November!

The video: Obama rhetoric versus reality

Watch the video at The Political Commentator here.

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