Friday, 25 May 2012

Re: Brett Kimberlin Day and at least for today, a true bipartisan issue! Mike at TPC

Who is Brett Kimberlin and why does he have a day?

This is a must-read article that clearly explains the need for everyone, regardless of political ideology, to join this observance that "celebrates" our right to freedom of speech! If after reading this you agree, please pass it along.

This is reprinted from the blog Simple Justice and is titled:

Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day by Scott H. Greenfield

For many (and by that I mean many) bloggers, the only question is whether someone is friend or foe.  It's all about partisanship, fellow travelers in the cause, whatever that cause may be.  Sides are chosen because someone else shares your ideology, loves the people you love or hates the people you hate.  We're on teams, and our team is against their team.

At Popehat...

Read the rest of this article at The Political Commentator here.

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