Saturday, 12 May 2012

See any "pattern?"...............from Rico

I am pretty certain that anyone who is NOT a CFTC 'regulator' can easily see a pattern of price suppression in the bullion markets. Periods when hundreds of contracts are dumped in minutes, without regard for price, show sharp "v's" and illustrate the practice of 'spoof' paper contracts that are never intended to be sold but ARE intended to suppress and cap market action in spot prices.
- I have attached a small 'sample' from April alone, and it is not all of the charts but enough of them to make the point. Think of the 'whack-a-mole' game played in taverns and pubs!

The point? That the market has been heavily 'manipulated' and distorted for many months now, and this is increasing in frequency and violence as the fraudulent manipulators are nearing the end game and collapse.

Gold COT. The Commercials who have been 'short' Gold covered a HUGE 19,095 contracts on their short side, and added 7,453 contracts to their long side.

Silver COT. The Commercials who are notoriously 'short' Silver covered 2,812 short contracts and added 3,032 long contracts.

There isn't much joy at CME (COMEX) as volume is anemic and shrinking. I guess many investors now are refusing to play with crooks that steal from segregated customer accounts (re: MF Global; eg. Gerald Celente).

Note: GLD and SLV are paper settling on the COMEX now. These paper trading vehicles do NOT have any beneficial physical bullion behind them, and on a collapse you will not be able to recover your investments in them.

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