Tuesday 1 May 2012

Today's $1.24 billion phenomenon...............from Rico

Miracle? Phenomenon?

Today's market activity demonstrated a phenomenon that is increasing in frequency...one that is clear to anyone who tries to trade Gold, but eleicits only smirks from JPM and CFTC, giving us another blatant example of market manipulation [read: a 'targeted' and intentional Gold price slamdown].

Today's "oopsie, did I really do that?" was worth $1.24 billion dollars.

A 'slamdown' is where the seller slams bids down without regard for profit, and demonstrates price manipulation by brute force. This is not market price discovery, but pure manipulation.
- CME's COMEX recorded a monster transaction of 7,500 Gold futures in ONE MINUTE of trading (while the Asian markets were closed, and trading was otherwise thin) dropping the Gold spot price from the opening $1,664.80 down to $1,648.80. This provided an opportunity for increased buying, however, and Gold closed the trading day at $1,664.40...note this is happening with more frequency, yet is having less effect/result (diminishing returns).

Silver was the only other commodity to 'coincidentally' be hit at the same time (nothing else was touched) and it fell $0.35.

No, this was not an 'error' or an 'accident' or a 'oopsie' but another targeted and intentional slamdown as Bullion Bank and Central Bank efforts to keep the lid from blowing off intensify. [For Keynesians read: "keeping the fiat from hitting the fan."]
- And CFTC and FTV comments?: ...crickets.

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