Monday, 25 June 2012

Afternoon News..........

Tropical Storm Debby: Landfall expected in Panama City area on Wednesday

Will Egypt become the new Iran?

North Korea 'executes four returned refugees'

Wimbledon 2012: no-fly zone declared over championships to prevent terror attack

Mumbai attacks 'handler' Abu Hamza 'arrested'

Breastaura​nt Boom

A Generous Gift Has Been Made In Your Name To Obama 2012

Green ‘drivel’ exposed The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

CDR Salamander​: ... and so, it begins again

A fine Fisking...

New poll: Obama's executive-​privilege assertion not as popular as WH imagined

Why Aren't You a Democrat?

The Times, They Ain't a-Changing​: Why the N.Y. Times Is No Longer a Real Newspaper

Obama still evolving on executive power?

Biden told Obama military's Afghan war plan was flawed, according to leaked memo

Lost Britain from above: Thousands of historic aerial photographs - which were almost lost forever - go online for the first time

Turkey to play NATO card in Syria?

BLACKFIVE: Duffle Blog: Mission Accomplish​ed

Libyan Navy visits Royal Naval training bases

Supreme Court strikes down most of Arizona immigratio​n law, upholds key provision

German official: Obama should get his own debt under control before handing out free advice

Airman Missing in Action from WWII Identified

Russia Reflags Syria Arms Ship

Europe rules out military action in Syria after Turkish jet shot down

Refitted Indian Aircraft Carrier Sails for Sea Trials

Issa acknowledg​es Fast and Furious whistleblo​wer once proposed 'gunwalkin​g'

BLACKFIVE: There is no US national security interest in a Syrian interventi​on

DOD's computer upgrades $7 billion over budget, auditors say

Congress keeps closer watch on CIA drone strikes

Barstow, Calif., is a hub for military auctions

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