Monday 30 July 2012

Israel Can't Wait for Dan Friedman

War Games

If you are an Israeli military planner planning a strike against Iran, Romney’s speech last night in Jerusalem – although reassuring – changed nothing. Looking at your calendar there are two dates circled in red: the date of America’s presidential election and the date of the presidential inauguration. The two and a half months in-between are simply labeled “no man’s land.” Locked away in your safe, or encrypted on your computer, is another document, “Iran’s nuclear timeline.”

Here’s your problem. The recommendation you’ve been asked to make can’t rely on predicting the future. The fate of Israel and the Jewish people is too important to be decided by speculation or a roll of the dice. The only factors that count are the bitter experiences of history – including the last three and one-half years of Barack Hussein Obama’s reign.

Still, you find it tempting to daydream “what if” based on the outcome of America’s election. If Obama wins, Pharaoh’s heart is not going to be softened. Israel can expect the man to double his efforts to back Israel into a corner and make it difficult-to-impossible for her to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat without help. After all, Obama would no longer need Jewish money.

If Romney wins on November 6th, there’s no telling what Obama might do while he runs the country in “no man’s land” unshackled with nothing to lose. Under those circumstances, the Ayatollahs will draw a similar conclusion and have every incentive to speed up the demons’ work freed of the bothersome ruse to keep it secret from the world. Moreover, if Israel chooses to hold off until Romney gets the keys to the Oval Office, and Romney wobbles for any reason, the “timeline” gets revised and now tells you by then it could be too late.

On the other hand, during the critical period before the election, which is where we are today, Obama is forced to bottle-up his bile. While he needs Jewish votes and gelt, his hands are tied until November 7th. By the process of elimination, that makes our military planner’s recommendation much clearer. The time to go is between now and then.

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Anonymous said...

Listen up Dan.

Israel cannot take out the deep iranian bunkers housing the critical nuc technology. This requires GBU-57s Israel has the 100' penetrator, the GBU 28, in numbers (100+) but NO GBU 57s. So Israel can mess up surface infrastructure and entrances but at best delay an Iranian bomb by 2 years maybe a lot less.

Only the US can destroy the Iranian nuc project without using nucs (which Israel will never do first).

Geeez, when will the poorly informed f****g get it?