Saturday, 14 July 2012

Satay (Sate).....................from Rico

One of my favorite Southeast Asian dishes is Satay. Marinated, skewered and grilled meat (any meat - chicken, beef, goat, fish) served with a dipping sauce. Anywhere I went I could easily find local Satay (Thailand, Malaya, Indonesia, Singapore, et al, although the Japanese version 'Yakitori' was never 'spicy' enough to be very interesting, but perhaps I'll try my hand at some of that one of these days anyway).
- I am particularly fond of Thai-style chicken Satay with spicy peanut dipping sauce, but like to combine that with chunked cucumbers and onions on the side which is a Singaporean variation.

It may be because the weather has been a bit like Thailand here recently, or I may be a bit 'homesick' for my beloved Thailand, but I continue with my Thai food 'fetish' and this was today's project.

The dog got none, as I ate it all.

Chicken Satay skewers

Marinate chicken strips overnight in oil, cumin, coriander, ginger and of course, a splash of Sri Racha.

Thread onto skewers and grill (or use broiler in oven).

Peanut dipping sauce for the Satay:
- crushed dry-roasted peanuts
- soy sauce
- Sri Racha
- brown sugar
- crushed garlic
- add coconut milk until you have a ‘paste’

Serve with cucumber and onion bits as a side

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Anonymous said...

Can you provide the recipe with the ingredients quantified, including the marinade? Thanks