Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Sunday Best.............

Muslim Targets

How Angry Are You?

BLACKFIVE: The Soft Ones

Iran urges emergency OPEC meet as price drops

Furat Awsat operation forces command

Romney "outsource​r in chief" claims?

U.S. Government Quitting on Itself

E-mails reveal retaliatio​n, cover-up at ATF, DoJ following Fast & Furious exposure

Officer killed in Thursday Fort Bragg shooting identified

West sees no role for Assad as Syria deal agreed

3 Interior Ministry's paratroope​rs killed, 3 others wounded in Samara

Border security for pu**ies: The Sir Robin border patrol strategy

Video: The oldest woman to climb Everest

DOE Secretary Chu: The U.S. must make electric cars more affordable

Long-shot sheriff candidate says he will use volunteer force

US Treasury targets money exchanges, owners, for funding Taliban

Army’s most senior female officer quits amid cuts anger

US storms: 13 dead and millions left without power

Idlib dispatch: Syrian rebels are better armed, more numerous and stronger by the day

Britain pays tribute to servicemen for Armed Forces Day

British 'not to blame' for rapid sinking and loss of life on liner RMS Lusitania, find underwater researchers

Hospital doubts legality of circumcision

How America’s healthcare debate affects the world

Timbuktu's tombs destroyed by militants

Isramco confirms signs of gas at Shimshon well

and finally.........

BD got himself some new wheels

Kenya church attacks 'kill 10' in Garissa

Pepsi on the moon? Thousands of Iranians fall prey to hoax

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Scott said...


Iran request emergency OPEC meeting because of price drop. OPEC engages in blatant price fixing of oil prices. This would be illegal in the US. Why does Obama leave us exposed to an oil cartel that fixes prices???