Monday, 16 July 2012

US #1 in Zombies...................from Rico

The imaginary "flight to safety" in US Treasurys never fails to amuse me. Every economic 'hiccup' (or death-rattle) seems to prompt it.
- US Treasurys are alternately known as "the cleanest dirty shirt" and "the best-looking horse at the glue factory" and this is the common wisdom created and perpetuated by FTV/MSM spin.

Wiser heads have considered them "return-free risk."

What is a true safe haven?

NATAXIS has taken a look at the sovereign solvency of some major economies. The US scored #1...that is to say DEAD LAST (a score of 5 being the best, and 1 being the worst).
- Sweden got the only score of 5; Norway a respectable 4. Look at the attached again for the singular's the US.

Since the FED is essentially the ONLY purchaser of US Treasurys [read: DEBT] the question begged of 'WHO would lend money to a chronic deadbeat?' is answered. Nobody. Anyone who has been watching the Treasury auctions instead of Snookie on Jersey Shore knows this, which begs another question: 'Who in their right mind would vote for more of the same?' which is answered infra...the Zombies who will vote for Barry, that's who.

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