Thursday, 23 August 2012

Call me cynical, but......................from Rico

OK. Call me cynical.

Now recall "Fast & Furious" and Solyndra.

"Plugs" Biden's emergent/sudden trip to Tampa during the RNC does NOT look like a coincidence, or (as is claimed) a routine campaign trip.
- It looks VERY much like a set up to me, but I am sensitive to any "false flag" indicators right now.

Joe has proven he would do anything to remain relevant to Barry and keep feeding at the public trough.
Barry has demonstrated his willingness to throw others under the bus for his own purposes.

Joe is, in a word: "expendable"......

- The closer to Caesar, the greater should be your fear.

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Animal said...

Marc Antony was asked to comment, and had this to say:

"President Obama, I knew Caesar. Caesar was a friend of mine. And you, sir, are no Caesar."